10 Best Side Jobs to Make Extra Money

10 Best Side Jobs to Make Extra Money

Having multiple streams of income is one effective way to becoming financially independent. When you make extra money from a side job it will help pay your monthly expenses or boost your savings for retirement.

Why We All Need a Side Job

According to a 2018 survey from Bankrate, nearly 4 in 10 Americans have a side job. I hear from so many people that they are bored and frustrated with their 9-to-5 jobs. I believe having a side gig would be an opportunity to either learn a new skill that interests you, or monetize something you already know and enjoy doing.

There is nothing wrong with driving for Uber or Lyft in your free time, but unless you really enjoy driving, I think most of us don’t want just any boring part-time job. Ideally, the side gig is a hobby or something that you actually enjoy doing. What is better than making money from something that you are passionate about!

I believe that having a side job helps keep us mentally engaged and focused on how we can improve our own financial situation. When we see our jobs as repetitive and routine, we find less meaning in what we do and there is no enthusiasm from day to day.

10 Best Side Jobs to Make Extra Money

1. Tutoring

Schools are becoming more competitive and some parents just don’t have time to give their kids the extra help that they need. Tutoring is a great way for you to make some extra cash just by sharing your knowledge or expertise.

Whether it’s English, Math or maybe it’s a foreign language, most tutoring requirements just ask for a solid level of proficiency in the specific subject. Depending on the level you teach, you don’t necessarily need a degree in that subject.

Tutoring also allows for flexible hours since most tutoring occurs late afternoons, evenings or weekends.

2. Web Design

If you are technically savvy, helping small businesses build and manage web sites may be your calling. Being proficient in popular website builder platforms Wix, Constant Contact, WordPress, GoDaddy or SquareSpace will come in handy.

You can help clients create websites, install plugins and add other features. Most business owners don’t have the expertise to build and maintain web sites, so it’s one of the most common tasks they outsource.

3. Personal Trainer

Want to make a real difference in other people’s lives? If you are physically fit and love fitness, then helping others reach their fitness goals may be your calling. Take the time to get certified as a personal trainer. 

Many people don’t have the discipline to work out on a regular basis. They require a personal trainer to push their limits and motivate them. 

4. Photography

There are many ways you can make money with a camera. Due to the popularity of blogging and Instagram, many people want high quality professional photos. There are plenty of side job options out there by just investing in a camera. 

Many people start by doing photoshoots for friends and family. Once you have a portfolio of work and solid experience, advertise yourself as a photographer-for-hire for weddings or other events. 

5. Arts & Crafts

The ability to sell arts & crafts online has opened up the potential for many people to make money from their hobby. Popular websites like Etsy and ArtFire are some of the many that allow those with creative abilities to sell online. For those more ambitious, you can even consider creating your own website to sell your craft.

6. Blogging

If you enjoy writing about things you are passionate about, perhaps blogging is for you. It takes relatively little cost and time to start a blog. The key is to stick to it and continue building your audience. Whether it’s travel, fitness or electronic gadgets, you should definitely pick a topic that you are interested in. 

One of the many ways to make money blogging is through affiliate marketing. You write about a particular product or service that you enjoy and promote through links on your blog. If the reader use your link to make a purchase, you will earn a commission. 

7. Catering

If cooking is your thing, then why not use those skills to make some real money? Many people start by providing catering to parties hosted by friends and family. You can distribute business cards at the party to expand your business. 

Since most of the parties are on weekends, doing catering on the side shouldn’t interfere with your day job. Be sure to check with your local city or county on permit requirements when it comes to operating a catering business though.

8. Working with Animals

If you love spending time with animals, there is no better side job than being a dog walker or doing pet sitting. Given how busy some people are, it’s always nice to have some help with our furry friends. Websites like Wag! and Rover allows you to find dog owners who are looking for some extra help. 

9. Babysitting

This may be the oldest side job of all time. Studies have shown that date night is an integral part of any relationship as it allows communication without distraction. So unless grandparents live nearby — and are willing to babysit! — everyone needs a babysitter.

So if you enjoy being around little kids and don’t mind the low pay, the work is typically not too demanding and can be quite rewarding.

10. Graphic designer

Most businesses need some help to design marketing materials. From logos to catalogs and brochures, your creative side can earn you some serious money. So if you are proficient with one or more software tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator, then this side job may be for you. 

Are You Ready for a Side Job?

Having a side job is great for our mental and financial health, but we must be sure to manage our time wisely so we don’t create issues at our day job or neglect to spend enough time with friends and family.

Also, a good side job should take minimal time or capital to start, so you don’t need to invest a large amount of money to start. The most important thing, as it is for anything, is finding something that will make you happy!