This is How Money Buys Happiness

This is How Money Buys Happiness

Mark Twain once said, “The lack of money is the root of all evil.” Without money, life may have certain challenges and obstacles that test your limits. The emotional and sometimes physical stress and turmoil as we overcome these challenges and obstacles can be overwhelming. Having said that, the lack of money can be a great motivator and help us build character. We often grow and learn from challenges, become stronger after conquering obstacles. I have seen many people become more successful later in life because they had a poor childhood. The desire of wanting a “better life” ignited a fire deep within and pushed them to go the extra mile so they can succeed.

Now, let’s consider the age old question: Can money really buy happiness? I have read many research on this topic; there are different factors that are tied to this question. But in general, can money really buy happiness? The answer, in my opinion, without a doubt is 100% yes. Granted, this doesn’t mean that without money you cannot find happiness. If you were a miserable person before you had any money, then money alone won’t change that. Money cannot change the nature of who you are as a person; but having money definitely gives you the ability to live the life you want.

Here are my top 5 ways how money can buy happiness:


Money Buys Time

No matter how much money you have, we only have 24 hours in a day. Having money allows you to do the things you want to do in those 24 hours. For example, if you hate mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool, money allows you to outsource these tasks to professionals. Nobody likes a long commute. Unfortunately, sitting in traffic for an hour or two every day is the norm for many Americans. With enough money, you can afford the option of living closer to work. With a shorter commute, you have time to attend your kid’s soccer games and piano recitals. Money can help free up your time so you can hang out with the family or do the things you want to do.


Money Helps You Connect

Research has shown that in our pursuit of happiness, it is important to have meaningful relationships. Having money allows you to connect with family, friends and relatives. With money, you can afford to travel to see your long-distance relatives and friends more often. It enables you to go out to dinners, plan a camping trip or go on a vacation together. There is no substitute for connecting with our social network and strengthening our relationships with loved ones.


Money Gives You Options

Above anything else, having money gives you options. These options can touch every aspect of our lives. You can choose to eat healthier and buy more costly organic or natural foods. You can travel to more exotic vacation spots. Money can afford you childcare so you can spend more quality time with your spouse. You can invest in your wardrobe so you look better; which in turn may boost your self confidence and elevate your mood. As funny as this may sound, but having money also gives you the option of giving it away. Money can make a big difference to the charities that you feel strongly about. Not only do you not have to worry about your next meal or rent, if you have enough money, you have the option of donating it to those less fortunate than you.


Money Gives You Security

One thing that is hard to put a price on is the safety of your family. Whether it’s safety in the home or outdoors, having more money will definitely come in handy. With enough money, you can afford to buy a home in a safer neighborhood and/or install security systems to protect your home. Money can buy you a more reliable car that is equipped with up-to-date safety features. It allows you to make daily choices that minimize risk and enhance personal safety without worrying about the impact it might make on your finances.


Money Buys You Experiences

Money allows you to create unforgettable experiences and memories that last a lifetime. Visiting other countries and being immersed in other cultures allow you to appreciate diversity and differences. Traveling to unfamiliar places help break down prejudices and learn new perspectives. Having the means to acquire these experiences that differ from the mundane stimulate your senses and allow you to think outside the box; you acquire a worldliness that cannot be taught in a classroom.


Recently, I’ve heard someone say this: “If money isn’t making you happy, then you’re probably not spending it right!” I couldn’t agree more. There’s no need to keep up with the neighbors. Let money help you make your life more fulfilling and meaningful. Using it the right way will go a long way for your sense of happiness!